Forensic Day

During term 2, everyone from Hutton School was marched into the hall as Mrs Amos had unfortunately found that her Laptop was missing! She asked each class if they could help her in her search for her missing laptop.

Each year group went back to their classrooms to help solve the crime. Year 3s looked at the handwriting of a note that was left at the scene, and Year 5 tried to work out whose pen might have been used to write the note by looking at chromatography.

After an hour or so of investigating, the whole school met in their tribes to try to collect all the evidence they had found. Eventually each tribe, with the help of the tribe captains, came to a conclusion. Most of them had decided on two potential suspects. However, with a little more deliberating, it was decided and announced in the hall that Mrs McCullom was the culprit.

“I needed to borrow Mrs Amos’s laptop so that I could make her a Christmas present- a case to protect her laptop and therefore I couldn’t tell her!”

So all was well and Mrs Amos was happy! Hutton Primary managed to solve the crime and she even had a present for Christmas!

Phoebe from Year 4 said, “ I learnt how to take finger prints.”

Matthew from Year 3 exclaimed, “I really enjoyed getting into tribes to solve the crime.”

“ I really liked interviewing the teachers.” Mia from Year 6 commented.