HAT Council

Hello! We are the H.A.T. Council. H.A.T. stands for Hutton Arts and Theatre. This means we have a responsibility to promote art, music and drama across the school.

The H.A.T. Council are: Louis (Class 6 and Chairperson), Sid (Class 5), Mazie (Class 4 and Secretary), Kurtis (Class 4), Amelia (Class 3), Charlie (Class 3), Paige (Class 3), Phoebe (Class 2), Alannah (Class 2), Grace (Class 1) and Isabelle (Class 1).

This year so far we have led a Collective Worship for the whole school. We performed a play of The Gruffalo. Charlie was the mouse, Sid was the Gruffalo, Phoebe and Grace were the foxes, Paige was the snake, Isabelle was the owl and Mazie, Kurtis, Alannah, Amelia and Louis were the narrators.

We are also choosing ‘Music of the Week’ so that when the children come into and out of Collective Worship they have different styles and types of music to listen to each week.

At the moment we are organising a song writing competition. This is due to take place in the New Year.  Watch this space for further details…!