Home/School Partnership


We believe a supportive partnership between home and school is an essential ingredient for a child’s successful education.  The co‑operation between parents and teachers is vitally important particularly when children are entering their first school.   


In line with government regulations we have drawn up a Home/School Agreement that establishes the partnership between the school and the parents.  It is available for inspection in the school office. We ask all parents to sign this Agreement with their children in each year.


We recognise the value of parents working alongside and assisting teachers in school and we have many parents coming in on a regular basis to help with art, reading activities, etc.   If you feel you have an expertise to offer or would just like to help please feel free to contact a member of staff. You are welcome to come into school at a mutually convenient time to talk to your child’s teacher.


Two evenings per year (one in the autumn, the other in the summer) are held for parents to discuss children’s progress, and a written report is given during the spring. However, you are encouraged to speak with your child’s class teacher whenever you wish to talk about any aspect of your child’s education or if you need any help and support.

You may wish to discuss any problems or worries that may affect your child’s happiness and emotional well-being, which in turn could affect his or her ability to learn.   Please do not hesitate to contact us about any matter, no matter how trivial it may seem to you, because it is often the small things that upset a child.

A quick exchange of information is usually possible after school.  For longer discussions with the teacher, it would be appreciated if you would make an appointment.

In the spring term a written report is sent home for each child, which sets out the progress made against the National Curriculum subjects.   We send home curriculum information for each year group, each term, highlighting the main programmes of study we will be teaching the children.  We have a Home/School Link book, which also acts as an important means of communication between all those working for your child.  It is particularly useful for the older children whose parents are not able to get into school on a regular basis.


Excellent behaviour is expected at all times and is very effectively reinforced through praise and encouragement by all adults working in school through the use of merit marks and certificates.  There are School Rules for the whole school and each class makes its own special rules for the year.  There are also clear guidelines about the sanctions to be applied should these rules be broken.  Children are expected to behave with courtesy and consideration at all times. They are encouraged to develop a caring attitude towards people and property, showing self-discipline and a sense of fair play.  The school’s behaviour policy is available for inspection at the office, but there is a clear contribution that parents can make in accordance with the following extract from the policy:

  • Always try to achieve my best.
  • Be a kind, helpful, friendly and responsible member of the school.
  • Care for the equipment and building at school.
  • Do as I have been asked, and set a good example to others.
  • Everyone and the environment deserve respect.
  • Follow the safety code -walk around school.


The school has a Publication Scheme on information which is available under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  Details of the Scheme are available at the office.


We follow government guidelines about the amount of homework in primary schools.  These range from 10 minutes a day in Key Stage 1 to 30 minutes a day at Year 6.  The pattern for homework will vary for each class.  However there is a strong emphasis on reading, writing, spelling and maths skills throughout the school.  As the children get older the homework will include a wide variety of investigative work on areas which the children are studying in history, geography or science.  Good standards of presentation are encouraged and rewarded, as the aim of homework is to help the children’s learning at the same time as raising their self-esteem.


The P.T.F.A. brings together parents, friends and staff in a more informal setting.   All parents automatically belong to the association and everyone is welcome to be involved. The P.T.F.A aims to provide opportunities for social, educational and fundraising activities and is a focus for many successful and enjoyable events throughout the year. The support and enthusiasm of everyone is invaluable.

Major events include: film night, disco, Christmas bazaar, quiz night and the summer fete. All proceeds benefit all the children in the school. This has included major fundraising for the musical instruments which provide part of our sensory garden, to little extras like crackers and squash at the Christmas meal and refreshments at Sports Day and other school events.