Digital Technicians

We are the Digital Technicians

We are the Digital Technicians for 2014/2015.

We look after the computer room and keep it tidy.

Our names are:

  • Tyler Y5 (Thursday)
  • Lorenzo Y5 (Friday)
  • Joe Y5 (Friday)
  • Emily Y5 (Tuesday)
  • Everton Y6 (Thursday)
  • Daniel Y6 (Wednesday)
  • Ruby Y4 (Monday)
  • Amelia Y4 (Tuesday)
  • Josephine Y6 (Wednesday)
  • Bethany Y6 (Monday)

Two People are allowed from each class each day, but they are only allowed in once a week. If they are well behaved they might get a certificate for this. Our duties are to help children in the computer suite and making sure they are safe. We write down their names on a timetable sheet so we know they don’t come in too often in the same week; they need fresh air too. At the end of the week we rub of the names and at the end of the lunch time we tell everyone to log off. If they see a website that they think should be filtered, they come and tell one of us and we report it to an adult.