Learning Council

The Learning Council

We do lots of things all connected to learning. Last year we had the idea of having carnival week. Each class chose a country to learn about the carnivals that take place there. We learned that Carnivals originally started in Italy. Our parents and grandparents came in at the end of the week to see what we had been learning about. We had a brilliant week and were very proud that the teachers had listened to our idea.

This year we thought it would be fun to have an outdoor Adventure Day in the school grounds. We are collecting ideas about the types of skills we could learn like environmental art, building shelters and tying knots. Let us know if you have any brilliant ideas!

We also look at the displays around the school and the classrooms to see if we can make any suggestions and to let teachers know which our favourite ones are. We love the new book corners! They are very exciting and make us want to read more.