Playground Buddies – Previous Work

Playground Buddies have continued to look after the equipment and make sure there are different toys for everyone to play with.

They also talked to the Peer Mediators and organised a Football Rota for lunchtimes.

Playground Buddies have taken lots of photos at lunchtime of children having fun with all the equipment we look after and they asked children what they think of the Playground Buddies. Here are some quotes from the children. 

”Kind.” Mason, Year Reception

“Nice.” Harrison, Year Reception

“Caring.” Will, Year Reception

“Being nice to people.” Callum, Year Reception

“Look after toys.” Tommi, Year Reception

“I think it looks hard work.” George, Year 1

”They tidy the toys away.” Luca, Year 1

“They work hard.” Stefan, Year 1

“They are very helpful.” Alfie, Year 2

“They are very nice and kind.” Lois, Year 2

”They are very good at tidying.” Lexie, Year 1

“They are very helpful.” Rose, Year 1

“Help us get equipment and put it away.” Mimi, Year 2

“Keep the equipment in the shed.” James, Year 2

“Someone took something I was playing with and a Playground Buddy helped me.” Leon, Year 2