School Sports Organisation Crew

During the past year Hutton CE Primary School’s School Sports Organisation Crew have been busy organising sport events for the school. All the school have benefited from the events, and we have all really enjoyed them. Here is a list of events we have run over the past year:

  • Skipping-

Our first event was skipping. Using Sainsbury’s School Games website, we printed off some challenge cards for the event. Every class managed to complete the challenges, and learnt lots.

  • Tennis-

After that, we decided to run a tennis day for the school. Again, we used challenge cards, but this time made them harder for each class. Our value was respect, and everyone showed lots.

  • Rounders-

Our favourite event of all! For this we just taught all the pupils how to play a fair game of rounders. Even the younger classes were able to play well. We choose teamwork as our value, and definitely saw lots!

  • Football-

With help from the tribe council, we organised a football day for the children. Everyone really enjoyed this event, and lots of skills were learnt from it including; sportsmanship, teamwork and respect.

  • Gymnastics-

Next we organised a gymnastics event. We got girls to work with boys, to teach each other different skills and develop teamwork. After that, they worked in bigger groups to learn other gymnastics skills.

Our final event is a celebration of sports. We are going to combine all that we have learnt into one day. For this we are going to run small workshops for the children to go to.

We have all really enjoyed this first year of SSOC.