Science Week

During science week the whole school took part in various activities and events to learn about and celebrate science and technology.


Zoolab visited school with a wide range of animals from different world habitats. The children (and brave adults!) got the chance to get up close and personal with snakes, tree frogs, stick insects and many more wild and wonderful creatures!



Year 5 and 6 were fortunate enough to take part in a Plane Launcher workshop presented by graduates from Airbus.  The children were given the opportunity to assemble a plywood aircraft out of different wing and tail shapes and launch it using a motorised launcher. This workshop taught the children about the main forces of flight and our visitors commented on how impressed they were with the Scientific knowledge of our pupils!



As part of our forces topic in Science this term, year 6 have been investigating friction.  Each group was given two pieces of jelly each and they had to transfer them from one bowl to another using pencils or chop sticks. This was relatively easy. However Mrs Whiting then covered the Jelly in oil and the children had to repeat the experiment. This time it was a lot harder to move the cubes because of the cooking oil and the lack of friction between the pencils and the jelly cubes.

We learnt that Friction is the force between two surfaces rubbing together and the cooking oil meant there was less friction and therefore harder to move the jelly cubes.

Kite making

Every child in the school made a kite, with varying levels of challenge for different age groups. We had plenty of fun flying them on the field!