SWGfL Whisper

If you have any worries, concerns or have experienced something upsetting on the internet, on your phone, whilst gaming or watching TV you can use the SWGfL Whisper tool to tell an adult.

If you would like an adult to speak to you about your concerns you can speak to them directly, or leave your name on the form. If you would prefer not to tell the adult your name, that is fine too.

To report something worrying, you can;

use the SWGfL Whisper button on the home page

use this link https://www.swgflwhisper.org.uk/Home

or text from your mobile phone by sending    HUT + YOUR MESSAGE to the number 078600 21584

Please make sure that you speak to a trusted adult or friend if you need urgent help! Your report does not have to be something that has happened to you, it could be something that a friend is upset about too.