World Book Day

We had a super World Book Day today! Each teacher chose one of their favourite books and children from all year groups chose which book they would like to work on.

Children with Mrs Lovely were tasting fruit, creating fruit faces and writing lyrics, inspired by Kitchen Disco

With Miss Momber, children worked together to create a giant whale, after reading The Snail & The Whale

Mr Small was the focus for anyone spending the day with Mrs Storer & Mrs Cruse. They made small cars and moving pictures.

Miss Harris introduced Claude in the Country, and children all worked on different pages to create one large book entitled ‘Claude goes to Hutton’.

Snow Bears helped children to create snow scenes and make icing sugar pictures with Mrs Scherer.

Where My Wellies Take Me took Miss Anderton’s group on a trip around school, making journey ropes.

Miss Beange used Angelina Ballerina to inspire children to make tutus for paper ballerinas.

The children and staff all had a fantastic day, it is lovely for everyone to get the chance to work with different people.